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What makes you different?

People buy from people.

Those four words are foundational to sales and business. Your prospects and customers are going to build a relationship with you. Then with what you offer and the business itself. But ultimately, they will buy from you.

Think of the last time you purchased something with the help of a salesperson. Perhaps a car or piece of furniture? You received guidance from them, advice and opinions, direction and then general human connection. Maybe you discussed families and where you were from or perhaps weekend plans.

You built a relationship, however short lived and surface level it may have been, with that salesperson and that impacted your buying decision. Maybe you bought that day, maybe you came back later or perhaps you didn't even purchase at all - but ultimately they were a factor in the process. Whether positive or negative.

Remember this when working through a sales process or dealing with someone in general. The way you interact, the opinion they form, the way the connection between the two of you is built will all impact the outcome of the interaction. The first few moments are key since first impressions are so important and you've got to make the most of them. From there, focus on listening, understanding and relating as you reach the culmination of the time together.

This is one the foundational keys to my entire career. Something constantly on my mind and always present with any interaction - whether in business or general life.

Focus on people, be mindful of how you come across, understand their perception and be cognizant of how you build the connection.

People will always buy from people and that begins with you.

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