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Just keep trying - A simple message

Effort far outweighs the best ideas and practices that never get put into place. You've probably heard the saying that hard work beats talent and I'm a firm believer in that philosophy.

Stop overthinking and wondering why, how, when, etc. Just put things into drive and start. Today. Make an effort. Try it. Fail. Learn and do it a new way.

Overthinking and waiting for the perfect plan will lead to the ultimate failure of never even having tried to reach your goal. So stick a note on your computer, set a daily reminder on your calendar or add a picture to your office wall with one word - effort.

Now, today, tomorrow and every day after you've got to simply make the effort. It's not always going to work, it's going to suck sometimes, you're not going to want to show up some days and ultimately - this is hard. However, everyone else is having the sam thoughts, same struggles, same doubts. So do what they want and keep putting in the effort.

The idea, the goal, the reason - they're all worth it. Put in the effort to reach them.

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