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Don't lose your leads

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

It's happened to all of us: A prospect never responds to an email or call, you reach out three, five, seven times or more and it's silence. Never once can you reach them.

Or, they send a form request for more information, call the main number asking for more details or meet you at a trade show while comparing providers in your space. You have a discovery call, feels like a solid fit and then...they ghost you.

Part of sales my friend. It's probably not you but instead, just the way it goes sometimes!

That said, I find too often that reps will just cross the lead off, drop the followup reminder and leave them behind.

Don't be that salesperson.

You have someone that expressed interest in your product or service and took the time to reach out. That's gold! Life happens for them, they forget, a crisis at work arises, something takes their focus at home, etc. All sorts of excuses.

However, they did have interest. And until you get a definitive no and timeline for revisiting the project with them, you need to work that opportunity.

Once a lead reaches that point, find a good system to flag them and shift the contact to a nurture campaign perhaps. Something that keeps in touch with webinars, resources and other support materials.

Or, make your own list that you keep adding leads like this to and use key updates to the business, education articles in the industry or similar relevant contact starters to stay in touch with them.

Ultimately, until they say no, they're in the maybe category and it's your job to keep trying. Be creative, stay in touch and never lose the lead!

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