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Be on time

Growing up, my dad always reminded my brother and I that 'if you're early, you're on time - if you're on time, you're late - and if you're late, you're fired.'

That's stuck with me since and is always on my mind with appointments, whether business or personal in nature. It's a simple matter of respect for the person that's sharing time with you and carries a desire to use their and your time appropriately and effectively

Being late is simply unacceptable and cannot be something that finds its way into your daily schedule. Whether it's adding more space between meetings, leaving earlier, not grabbing lunch or skipping a personal errand, you must ensure that you're giving ample time to arrive at least a few minutes early to your meeting so you can prepare, freshen up and steady yourself to execute.

Being rushed and late naturally causes you anxiety. You may have an accident as a result in your drive or walk or perhaps you miss the turn because you're trying to hurry through the directions and find yourself even further behind. Sweat may begin to flow as your endorphins rise and this can lead to a poor appearance with stains and a flustered look.

Also, don't forget that the person you're meeting is giving you one of their most valuable resources - time. It's not to be wasted or disrespected. Your best foot forward begins with a prepared, confident and early arrival so the audience recognizes your commitment to the appointment and the value you place on the time together.

Not matter how simple it may sound, make time management a key priority for you and focus on building your day so you're always on time.

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