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Purchase your copy of The Final Thought and receives the proven keys to success and taking your career and earning potential to the next level. 

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You know you will make a great salesperson one day, but how do you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be? People around you know that you have great potential, but how do you tap into it to start making things happen? 

Sometimes starting a new career or job can be a little daunting as the role’s day-to-day details start to pile up. Becoming a more polished and successful salesperson, however, starts with excelling at one thing at a time.

The Final Thought is your resource for success and was created by a veteran of the trade. Luke Brymer has closed tens of millions of dollars in deals around the world and helped build a startup company into an acquisition worth more than half a billion. 

"Luke's ability to drive deals, close sales, and teach others is unbelievable. He is an incredible resource for his employers and colleagues alike. This book is the golden ticket to success in sales." said Franklin Hayes, CEO and Founder, Halyard Agency.

The Final Thought is a daily source for working through common questions and practical problem solving for entry-level salespeople and experienced professionals. The book is full of life lessons, sage advice, practical skills, and tricks of the trade that you can apply each and every day. Your goal is to make more money by being the most successful salesperson in your organization and The Final Thought is the place to start making those dreams come true today. 

What is holding you back from reading the book, implementing the lessons, and finding your own success?

This is a no-frills book designed to give you the keys to my success. What I do on a daily basis to drive my success and close deals. Each topic is built with a single takeaway that you can implement immediately and start seeing the same results as I have when doing the same." - Luke Brymer

The Final Thought is your proven guide for success. 

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