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My name is Luke and if you've been searching for the right partner to support you personally or your organization's sales and business growth goals, you're in the right place!

I appreciate the opportunity to share a bit of my background with you and hope we have the chance to connect, uncover more about your story thus far and work together in achieving your goals. 

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I want to support you in your own personal journey and help develop what's already within you. The secrets to my success will work for anyone and it's my goal to share them with everyone.

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I began my career in sales almost 15 years ago as a new, ambitious, motivated and completely unprepared sales rep in the field of door-to-door cold calling. Let me tell you, it quickly taught me to hustle and showed me the path I wasn't interested in pursuing long term!

However, I watched, learned, did my best and got better every day until I transitioned to inside retail sales within the wireless industry. I really began honing my skills during this time and was able to move through the front-line sales positions into leadership and management focused roles. Retail taught me a lot and ultimately, a chance meeting with one of my clients opened the door to where I've spent the majority of my career - the ed-tech and corporate test security industry. 

As I've helped build a startup into a business worth hundreds of millions and supported the culmination of a substantial exit in 2020, I continued to work on my craft, better my skills and surround myself with teachers and mentors who have prepared me for where I am today. 

In 2022, I finally released a project I've worked on since 2017 - 'The Final Thought, Your Proven Playbook for Success in Sales.' This book was designed for me when I was just entering the sales field and is a practical guide to anyone preparing for a sales and business focused profession. The keys to my success that you can implement today and reap the rewards. 

Since that time, I've begun to share my passion for sales and development with others and currently assist numerous clients with a variety of needs within their sales and growth departments. 

I hope we can work together in the same way!

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Let's begin by understanding what's working within you or your organization and then shift to the areas of opportunity. From there, we'll build a plan to raise the bar and push you to the next level with clear, actionable goals and steps that you or your team can put in practice today!


Let's not kid ourselves - sales and business development are an absolute grind. At some point, we all need to take a step back, get some fresh air and pull in the motivation needed to kick down the door and find that new level of success. I want to understand what's holding you back and then help find the motivation that's already there and simply help you hear and see it clearly.

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Whether you're looking for a CRM refresh, a new take on reporting, an enhanced approach to prospecting and lead generation or a full review of your entire sales and revenue process, I'm ready to listen, learn what needs some work and build the plan together that you and the team can execute. I don't want you to make the mistake of never taking the time to improve from within and will support that introspection and improvement.

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